Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What are the rules about leaving your garage open?

Anonymous said...
What are the rules about leaving your garage open? I have noticed one garage open every night for long periods of time. I was under the impression that your garage must be closed when not in use.

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parkridgecondos said...

Normally I try to moderate the discussions but will jump in on this one since it's my garage.

I am the idiot with the extremely sensitive remote control. If I touch the button without even pressing the garage may go into action.

My awesome neighbors Sally & Deanne alerted me last night that they closed it for me each of the past 2 evenings and prompted me to be more careful.


wrxnut25 said...

Good neighbors Howard. I had this problem too, and eventually i had several thousand dollars worth of property taken out of my garage when I accidentally left it open over night.

I had to put a slide bolt lock on my door to make sure the door didn't open, even if I hit the button on accident.

Anonymous said...

Ive had this happen to me as well, come out the next morning and my garage is open. Its amazing the signal goes through my walls, through an entire set of garages and still reaches my garage with the lightest touch.

With all the theft that happens around here, i make it a point to not keep anything I care that much for in my garage. I also lock my car.

32 said...

That is pretty nice of Sally and Deanne. I agree with them and do the same. We should look out for each other and close a garage we have seen open for a while. I would rather one of you get mad at me for closing your garage than one of you not close mine if I accidentally left it open. Good job neighbors!


Anonymous said...

It was none of yours. I know and see your doors open on occasion. I am taking about a number in the 70's

Anonymous said...

the rule is per HOA: you must keep you garage door closed at all times when not in use.

Kim said...

No, the rule is per rules and regulations, not the HOA. It is per their discretion though if it is to be enforced.


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