Friday, December 10, 2010

Locked Bathrooms

Is it just me, or is it the more that gets done around here, the less we are told about it. I am sure there is a good explanation as to why OUR restrooms are now locked, but it would be nice if the information went out. I am not welcome at the monthly meetings, so I don't get to partake in the conversations that happen there, but we do have two sources of web interaction and one source of mail. Where are the updates? What is going on? Why is it that 3/4 of our complex on lock down? Again, I am sure there is a reason, but it is frustrating to just find things this way.



Anonymous said...

Kevin for what possible reason would you say that you are not welcome at the meetings??? Honestly I find that frustrating. Not only are you welcome but you have been encouraged!!!!! Recently a homeless man was caught taking a shower, stealing clothes etc. Showers and bathrooms are locked down for that reason and for the reason that the papergoods were being stolen. You have the right and the privilege of participating along with all other property owners. New steel framed doors will be installed soon in the laundry room so maybe that will keep the scum from kicking the doors in! Bathrooms will be locked down until further notice with the exception of a clubhouse rental. You may call CMS, come to a board meeting and check the official website which is updated all the time BY VOLUNTEERS!!!


parkridgecondos said...

Kevin sent a follow up asking to remove the part about being "unwelcome" or simply removing the post completely. Since I see a response from one of our voluntary board members (Kelly) I'm acknowledging Kevin and will post Kelly's comment following.


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