Monday, March 21, 2011

Gorgeous Club House & Laundry Room

Wow, I just went into the club house for the first time in a while and wow. I think what I felt was pride. Next I felt grateful to Sally, Kelly and Jerry for all of their thankless and dedicated work. I wonder how many hours they have donated to our improvements & our enjoyment of Parkridge not to mention our vastly improved property values (or rents). Thanks to the others who have served with them along the way too.

When this team took over our complex/association we were broke and didn't feel like a community at all. All of the issues of the day were a combined distant second place to the water/hot water issue. Simply solving that issue (without an $8,000 - $10,000 special assessment I might add) would have been plenty to call their tenure hugely successful. Parkridge has undergone more beautification and modernization than I will attempt to list here. OK, a few items were the Pool, Spa and balconies.

Except for a contractor who neglected to cover a work in progress when the world knew it was about to rain the past few years have seen nothing but progress. Well, a renegade "neighbor" who does not realize that "they" are "us" and that the rules apply to all.

Our leaders have been approached by the management company to find out how we were able to build a reserve of funds and get all this work done at the same time when other HOA's are going under.

Thank you so very much!


Anonymous said...

I so much agree with you Mr.blogger, thanks to Sally,Kelly and Jerry they have done so much for our community.

Kim said...

The tiling looks wonderful. I so agree! Really, what it took was good, old-fashioned hard work to get things done-and a good dose of common sense. You want to be president for ten more years, don't you, Sally? :)

Kim said...

Thank you, Howard, for giving me a forum to jot these things down and share them with the Park Ridge Community.

First of all, I would like to thank Sally, Kelly and Jerry for the hard work they have done. If you want anyone leading the charge to better something, you truly want Sally at the helm of it. I mean that with the utmost sincerity. Kelly is wonderful with protecting our money. Her due diligence over these past few years is nothing short of awesome. Jerry has also done awesome work with the Web site. I’m sure there are other things Jerry has done too, but the point being made is that these folks are good. We are truly lucky that we have these folks serving. It’s not the most fun thing in the world to be a board member. (Trust me…)

I think back now to the evening that Sally came to my door asking me if I wanted to run with the team back in 2008. Realizing this was sincerely an awesome honor, of course I said yes. We went door-to-door then (just as others had done), talking to neighbors. We put up signs that were mysteriously torn down three times a day asking the community to vote for us. (I happen to be stubborn though and would always put them back up.) We sent out mailers. We were threatened. In the end though, we won. It truly was an honor to serve with them. Life paves weird paths though and I ended up working nights starting in 2009 and I felt that I could not serve missing board meetings and sleeping during the day.

Looking back though, I feel that things really began improving when CMS took charge of the helm. I have e-mails showing things that the previous management company did not do, and they were shocking. I just looked at them just a moment ago and am amazed even now! People were not billed for carports. Taxes were not paid. The list goes on and on. The people who served at the time were flabbergasted. Talk all you want about how much you hate the previous leadership, but people, they were dealt a bad hand. Sally and Kelly were the first two people who could see how to turn a bad hand into a Royal Flush.

Continued success, guys! You deserve it!


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