Thursday, September 22, 2011

High Edison Bills?

I can't figure out how to send an email, so I'm commenting hoping someone can help me out. My electric bills here are INSANE. I moved in in June, and there has been usage that cant possibly be justified. I'm in a 2/2, my August bill was $170 and September was $145. We quit running our AC after August's bill and it didnt even decrease. What are others paying? Could it be possible that someone is using my electricity?


parkridgecondos said...

I'm also in a 2/2 and the last 2 months my bill has been $160 & $180 which are normal for this time of year. I run the AC constantly as well !
Family that live in a house near by say they pay over $400 for running the AC frequently in an 1,800 sq ft 4 4/2 house.

I hope that helps, Howard

Anonymous said...

Those with the high energy bills, are your units still on the original AC units? Those things are horribly inefficient, and get worse with time. I replaced my unit and my bill dropped 40% (around $100 to $60 in a 1 bd)

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