Thursday, October 06, 2011

Ongoing Roof Leak October 2011

Mark #71 has left a new comment on your post "High Edison Bills?": (Please put this up as a post Howard) It's that time of year again.. rainy season... And like every other time it rains my ceiling "leaks like a sieve" and the same roof repair guy comes over and assures us that it will be repaired. Three seasons have passed and on several different times after it has rained he has claimed to have fixed the leaks.. I don't really know that they have been repaired because he does these repairs a day or two after the rain has passed. This afternoon my wife came home to find our entire hallway wall located under the A/C (I'm on the top floor)soaked and most of the ceiling tiles have warped as well. Is anyone else having a roof leak problem? I honestly feel that this roofing repairman has completely taken advantage of our community. Why else would our roof leak if he claims to have repaired it? (not once but several times mind you) He has gone on to blame poor gutter flow due to debris from the trees clogging them and poor maintenance of roof drainage systems in which we can not clean or maintain ourselves (per HOA rules). Oddly, just a day or two ago some guys were up on the roof apparently cleaning these things out. We have had to pay for damages and higher HOA fees far to often due to poor roofing jobs across the community and this is the final straw for me. I am assuming there will be another increase to the HOA dues to repair these leaks again in the future. Sorry to rant and I know a rebuttal about not going to a HOA meeting and submitting this issue to the board will be tossed my way but I have been to that rodeo to no prevail... because the board did not climb on my roof to repair it right? so why blame or yell at them for the horrible roof job? I know someone will reply quicker on here anyway! :) I will pursue action through my insurance agency this time as recommended by a lawyer and keep waiting for a call back from our swift acting management Co. (call made @ 2:30P and still no reply from the roofing guy and it is now 5:00PM) I hope that I am the only one with the leaky roof though. This is a crappy thing to deal with and it would be sad to know that others are too. Mark #71


Anonymous said...

I had the same problem which I think was finally fixed but it took them 4 seperate trips within a 2 week period and many pots of collected water from leaks in the ceiling...and yes the same type of stupid excuses such as "Uhm, these So-Cal properties were never designed for severe rain, uhm oops I missed a spot on the roof I'll patch it now" just a bunch of idiots that the HOA hires to take care of our stuff.

Anonymous said...

I have had the same issue and concern. After many battles with the roofing company and the HOA, both of whom claim the other is responsible, the frustration is beyond what any HOA due paying resident should ever have to endure.

It would be nice if others who experienced roofing leaks to somehow speak up together on these concerns. Additionally, if the preponderance of evidence points to a poor roofing job leading to the leaks, and if there are many leaks in the association, then I would strongly urge the HOA and management company to hold the roofing company responsible.

Lastly, if the roofing company is found at fault for the poor roofing jobs, then I would hope that the HOA would cease working with that company on current and future contracts.


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