Sunday, June 03, 2012

Parking Lot Full

Living in the front of the complex I don't get to the back parking or garages much. Since the parking lot has seemed so full so frequently in the recent past I assumed the construction project was ongoing. Since it turns out the "slope project" is in fact complete I wonder why it's so difficult to find a parking spot lately?


Teri Luoma said...

Not having to do with the parking but.....personally I complained to the board and management company about a serious mosquito ins=festation at the fountain by the pool That was June 1. June 9 nothing done. They were getting estimates to get the fountain fixed but doing nothing about the breeding mosquitos in the standing water. One doesn't have to do with the other. I should have called out Vector day 1. By Saturday June 9 when nothing had been done myself and another RENTER used our personal time and equipment to drain the water and scoop out the rot that had accumulated. The best part was one of the board members husbands coming out and making fun of me as I scooped mosquito ridden muck out. The box full of crap is still sitting by the fountain where I left it! Today is the 13th. Lesson, call Vector right away and do not give the benedfit of the doubt.

Teri Luoma said...

If you are considering buying pop on by to see me in UNIT 21. I will be completely honest with you. The good, the bad and the ugly!!!!!You should have full disclosure before you spend your money!!!!!

Teri said...

Parking is usually full by 7pm to 8:30. Again people if you are considering buying ask questions and investigate. Knowledge is power. I just heard dues may be going up and more special assessments coming. This after concrete has been ripped up and replaced and perfectly healthy trees ripped out to accomodate the partner of the Board President! How many thousands did that cost for special interest! Buyers beware!!!!!!!

Property Manager said...


If you read through years of this blog you will see that there have been phases of board bashing but those are sometimes simply personality conflicts or 1 issue getting blown out of proportion. The reason for the blog is so that those of us who live here can share information and help each other. I hesitated to pass your whining through but did.

The tight parking situation seems to be cyclical and personally I don't know why. There are many months at a time where parking is plentiful.

I am a property manager not the property manager to address one of your comments that did not pass through. Since your comments are so obviously designed to create fear in prospective condo buyers there is little reason to pass them along.

Your landlord would be the person to communicate your issues to as the overworked volunteer board members donate their precious time to make Parkridge better for all of us. They should not be confused with an apartment manager. I am not a board member.

I've lived here for over 15 years and our community has never been more beautiful and well maintained.


Teri said...

Attention everyone! I have advised Desireee that there is a hornets nest in the fake boulder next to the p[ool that houses the fountain equip. She advised that she will have exterminators out. If it doesn't affect a board memner or their family member it takes a little longer to have things done. Be very careful. There are a lot of them in there. This way you know it has been reported and if you are stung or injured it is because it was not addressed in an appropriate amount of time.

Anonymous said...

I personally think it is time to institute parking passes.

Anonymous said...

same i greee that we need to implament parking passes why are there still coercial vechal parked here if the far say no comercial vechials

Anonymous said...

I've lived in Parkridge many many (many) years, and know for a fact that several garages are stuffed full of just about anything you can think of. Except a car. Now take that one garage, and figure that it's probably a 2 car family, I'll be conservative and say that only 10 garages are unusable. Although I'm sure it's more. That's 20 cars. 10 of which should be in a garage, which means 10 extra cars are in the parking lot that don't need to be. These people need to rent a storage unit, or maybe have a community wide garage sale.


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