Thursday, November 01, 2012

Parking Program in Near Future

I have a letter from the HOA announcing a parking program in the near future. At times the parking situation is fine and sometimes it's difficult to find a spot but that is usually only late at night. I've lived in Parkridge most of the last 15 years and never thought this was a significant enough of a problem to throw money and administration at. I may be wrong. Has the parking been a problem recently? included in the letter is to let residents know that garages will be required to fit a car so they may not be dedicated to storage and there will be inspections. Also, autos will need to be registered with a Parkridge address to have a parking pass. I assume this parking pass will keep a car from being towed. In a related issue I went to the COA (HOA) owners web site to read the most recent board meeting minutes but none have been posted since April 2012 and the site itself has not been updated since July 2012. Does anyone have information about that site? I did request and receive a copy of the most recent minutes from the management company. The most recent available were August (not October or even September). There was not mention of parking. I may begin to publish the minutes on this blog if the COA web site will no longer do so. Howard


Anonymous said...

Sounds great to have parking permits. However my vehicle will not fit in my garage. How will that be addressed?

Anonymous said...

This is something new. Is there a hard water problem here. I bought a fridge with a water dispenser and have had to change the filter every 3 to 4 months. This is getting to be expensive. Does anyone else have these problems?

Anonymous said...

has anyone else noticed the illegal activity going on in #74 lately ??


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